Sushi Para II

The Background: My cousin Joanna found this place for me. It’s located in her neighborhood and came highly recommended. I had another sushi restaurant in mind, but she convinced me to give Sushi Para II a try. My family knows food. When they speak, you listen.

The Scene: There’s a few Sushi Para’s around town, but Sushi Para II in the Lincoln Park area is where we dined. Although Joanna was adament we go, she was less than enthused about the prospects of me posting a review on the blog. Why? Because Sushi Para is a neighborhood secret…a hidden gem if you will. I assured her that my Chicago readership sits at about four people…so her secret was safe with me.

The Food: Wow! I went to a lot of places in Chicago. When you take into account the price and quality of food, Sushi Para II topped my list. This is the first time in my life I am writing “sushi” and “inexpensive” in the same sentence. I had my doubts when Joanna stated it was an “All You Can Eat” establishment. I pictured one of those feeding troughs of cheap sushi on the side of a Chinese food buffet. Anything but. For $20pp you can select (about 60 items) from a variety of rolls, tempuras, and individual pieces. Everything is made-to-order and all the fish was super fresh and tasty. I ordered an individual piece of eel and octupus. No complaints. Some of the rolls that stood out included the Spider Roll, Christmas Roll (tuna and avocado), and Crazy Tuna Roll (pepper tuna and avocado) Tops for me was the Mountain Roll. How does avocado, cucumber, tuna and a spicy chef’s sauce sound?

The Verdict: If you’re in the Chicago area, have taste buds on your tongue, and half a brain in your head…you’ll give Sushi Para II a shot. If you’re disappointed, there’s a defect in your personality. The atmosphere won’t win any awards, but the sushi and service are excellent.
2256 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614