Time for another restaurant review!

First off (and I’m not trying to be cute here), what is the true name of this place? I think locals call it The Root Café. Or is it just The Root? Technically (according to the signage), it should be called The Root, A Local Café…but that’s a mouthful. So, for the purposes of this review, let’s just stick with my original thought.

The Root Café, a charming spot on the fringes of downtown Little Rock, offers reasonably priced dishes that utilize fresh, local ingredients. The cozy setting reminded me of having breakfast on my grandma’s back porch. Well, that is if my grandma’s porch had a bunch of cool, eclectic sh*t scattered about.

The place was virtually empty upon our arrival a few mornings back. This allowed me to take in my new surroundings and quickly scan over the menu board. I decided on the Eggs and Toast with Sausage for my two starving daughters (which they split). I’ve been trying desperately to cut down on my fat ass eating habits, and thus chose the Tofu Scrambler for myself.

Tofu Scrambler

A tray of “Donut Muffins” rested near the lady behind the counter. Smart move on their part—I bought one for the kids. Yeah, for the kids. I also ordered a Ginger Lemonade. We sat down and within minutes, our food was out.

My Tofu Scrambler shared a striking resemblance to scrambled eggs. It came with a mixed green salad, which was tasty, but just didn’t feel like breakfast to me. I would have favored more of the tofu/onion/pepper mixture. That scramble, with its smoky cumin flavor and perfectly cooked add-ins, was both light and delicious. I’d order it again in a healthy heartbeat.

I snuck a few bites of the eggs and sausage and had zero complaints. The eggs were as good as they look in the picture, with gooey yolks that provided a wonderful dipping pool for the slightly spicy sausage patty.

The muffin, encased in an abundant cinnamon/sugar coating, was so light. Stopping at two bites proved to be a difficult task. My only slight disappointment of the meal was the lemonade—certainly not terrible, but I was hoping for the ginger and lemon flavors to stand out a little more.

The Root Café is a gem of a spot and certainly an eatery that not only Little Rock needs, but should be proud of. They seem to do things the right way.

This was my first visit to The Root Café…the first of many.


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