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Christian’s Tailgate
2000 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77002

The Rundown: Christian’s Tailgate is the real deal! I’m not getting in the middle of a “Best Burger in Houston” pissing contest. Let’s just say my burger lived up to the hype. But CT was more than just a great burger joint…it was a real, honest to goodness sports bar. Those are rare in Houston.

The Food: I had tunnel vision for the hamburger…specifically, the 1/3 lb. Swiss mushroom burger. It came with a side of fries, onion rings, or a combo of both. I went with the combo. After the first bite, I really couldn’t help but channel Samuel L. This really was “a tasty burger”. I generally don’t like my patty so well done, but it wasn’t dry at all and the mushrooms and Swiss cheese really vaulted the burger to greatness. The fries were fries, but the onion rings….oh dear! They were light, but crispy…and every time you took a bite, the entire piece of onion didn’t come with. My St. Arnold’s (best beer ever) on draft tied the entire meal into a nice little bow.

The Price: Given the location (midtown), I was very pleased with the overall prices at Christian’s. My burger combo was $7.29. That’s pretty standard in these parts.

The Overall Opinion: CT’s was outstanding…I only wish I lived closer. Loved the layout, the beer, and the food. Next time there’s a big sporting event, I’m making the drive. It will be hard not getting the burger, but I may try some of their other items. I checked out the menu again. Its everything you want in a sports bar…beers on tap, wings galore, sandwich options, and even seafood baskets. The burgers start at 1/3 pounders and go up to a pound.

Helpful hints: CT’s parking is as bad as their burgers are good.