Each week, Mondays are dedicated to providing you with a restaurant review from a place in Houston or from around the country. This week, let’s keep it local.

Perry’s Steakhouse (chain, with locations in TX)
9827 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024

The Rundown: I’ve been wanting to try Perry’s Steakhouse for a very long time. Why? I keep hearing about this Signature Pork Chop. Sara and I were in desperate need of a night out. We met our friends Brendan and Stacy at the Perry’s location in Memorial City. We got there a few minutes early…and did a little people watching in the waiting area. In ten minutes, we saw the full spectrum of individuals. Perry’s had it all…from the dude in the wife-beater shirt…to the two cougar skanks…to the 60-year-old dude sporting a blazer with a baseball cap. Enough with that…I was ready to eat! The restaurant is elegant, as you would associate with a steakhouse of this caliber.

The Food: The food was nothing short of spectacular…and I think I can speak for all involved on that one. Obviously, I had the pork chop. It’s really more of the entire freaking pig. They slice it up table side…and I must admit, it was one of the best pieces of meat I’ve ever eaten (that’s what she said). It was sliced into three portions and I was instructed to eat the different cuts in stages. I began with the “eyelash”….and according to the the waiter, the best part. Ummm, he was right. So tender, so juicy, such a crispy outside crust…and it had the whole sweet and salty thing going on. After consuming that…there wasn’t much room for the ribs and the loin portions (got them to-go). Sara had the rib-eye (medium rare). She reluctantly gave me a bite. I can’t imagine better steak. Had a bite of Stacy’s medallions in Bearnaise sauce…perfection. I forgot what cut of steak Brendan got, but I tried some…and it was awesome. We all shared sides of potatoes gratin and asparagus. I thought the asparagus was fine…nothing special, but we all agreed that something green on the table was much needed. The potatoes were special…only eclipsed by the fine meats (that was she said). The table bread was solid, as were the tasty mixed drinks. I had a margarita that I really enjoyed. Then came the desserts. If you go to Perry’s stay away from the lemon cake and the chocolate cake. They were barely edible. I think we each took two bites and stopped. My cake was more like a very bad piece of fudge. And Brendan and Stacy’s lemon cake tasted like it had been sitting in the parking lot all day.

The Price: Hey…it’s a fine steakhouse. There are more expensive steakhouses out there, but make no mistake, unless you are making serious coin, this is a special occasion place.

The Overall Opinion: We all loved Perry’s Steakhouse and highly recommend it. The service was excellent…very attentive. Dude even comped our gross desserts. Everything but the desserts was perfect. Sara and I go to a fine steakhouse like this once or twice a year. I think Perry’s is our new favorite place.

Helpful Hints: We went on a Friday night…it wasn’t too crowded but getting reservations never hurts. Like most nice places in Houston…I would recommend a dressy jean attire.