Ever wonder what other foodies are thinking? Me too!

1. What is the name of your blog? Fearless Homemaker

2. Could you describe your blog in one sentence? My blog chronicles my journey navigating the world of homemaking – mostly cooking and baking, with a little entertaining, crafting, and cocktailing thrown in for fun.

3. How did you get into food blogging? I’ve cooked and baked quite a bit for the past 5 years or so, and would post lots of pictures on facebook of my creations. I got so many requests for details and recipes that it finally made more sense to start a food blog to put all the pictures and recipes in one place!

4. What’s the toughest part of writing about food? Trying to convey as much as possible about every aspect of a dish, so much so that my readers feel like they can taste the food just by reading about it. I think that a picture isn’t enough to win over a reader’s appetite — you need details about the taste, texture, and aroma to really convey a dish.

5. What has been your favorite food moment? One of my most vivid food moments is when I first ate meat (bacon, to be precise), after being a vegetarian for 7 years. You think bacon tastes good on an average day? Imagine how amazing it tastes after years + years without it!

6. Do you have a top restaurant? If so, what’s the name and is there an item you generally order? My favorite local restaurant is Marche in East Nashville, a European-style cafe specializing in dishes with local, seasonal, fresh ingredients. The brunch menu changes every week and the dinner menu changes every month, so there is always something new and wonderful to try. They frequently pair with our local wine shop for special prix fixe three-course wine dinners, which are amazing! And on a nice day, we can walk there from home (major plus!)

7. What’s one U.S. city you’d travel to just for the food? It’s a tie between New Orleans and the Napa Valley region. Napa Valley cuisine I love because of the accent on fresh and local ingredients, while New Orleans simply has some of the best restaurants I’ve ever experienced and such a wide variety of food and flavors.

8. Is there a food you absolutely despise? Honestly, not really. I think I’ve yet to try a food that I simply hate. In fact, a lot of foods that people dislike — brussels sprouts, sauerkraut and incredibly spicy chile peppers, to name a few — I love!

9. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? When I was traveling in Spain, I ordered fish at a restaurant + it came out on a plate, curled in a circle, its teeth biting its own tail. That was a bit odd (yet tasty)! Also, growing up, I loved beef tongue – not exactly what the average kid requests for dinner, but I always dug it!

10. Are you more likely to stick with what you know, or do you try something new each time? Many of the restaurants I frequent have menus that change weekly, or even daily, depending on what’s in season locally. I love that, because it means I constantly get to sample new things! For restaurants with fixed menus, there are a rare few where I get the same thing every time, although I’m much more likely to try something new.

*Images provided by Fearless Homemaker