Last year, I tried going to the latest version of The Pizzeria right after it opened in the new location on 4910 Kavanaugh, just a stone’s throw from the previous spot. I walked in, admired the new setting, and was then told the wait time would be an hour. Why I expected anything less from a new restaurant opening in a prime location is beyond me, but I walked out … never to return again.

Until last week.

Truth be told, I no longer eat much pizza in Little Rock. It’s not because we don’t have some good options here in town, but, rather, it’s that I enjoy treating myself every few months to Deluca’s down in Hot Springs.  I think even the pickiest of pizza-eaters can agree that Deluca’s is on another level.

But I was really craving the Neapolitan-style pizza with the thin crust and charred edges that The Pizzeria has mastered over the years with it’s 800-degree+ wood fire oven. It also doesn’t hurt that I now live ten minutes from the restaurant, and I’ve also grown tired of Sara from Sara’s Eats constantly bragging about the place.

Any who … my wife and I were able to sneak in a very uncommon, mid-week date night and popped over to The Pizzeria for some pizza and salad. We split the Italian Sausage pizza and I put down a large Caesar salad. My wife tried a seasonal version of a gin & tonic and gave it a big thumbs up. Each pizza at The Pizzeria is certainly small enough to eat by yourself, but with the salad, splitting one with a tablemate proved to be ideal on this night. And while the Caesar was just how I like it–simple, lightly dressed with crisp lettuce–the pizza was the star and once again proved why it’s the best version in Little Rock. Yes, it’s small and a tad overpriced at $15, but I had zero complaints about the taste.

The crust is thin, foldable, and slightly chewy towards the interior with a nice crispiness on the edges and just a perfect amount of char on certain spots. The little chunks of sausage and sweet peppers are there, but not in great amounts, which is exactly what you’re looking for when dealing with a thin, somewhat fragile crust. All and all, it was outstanding.

Excellent service coupled with a warm and cozy atmosphere guarantees we’ll be back much sooner than later.

The Pizzeria
4910 Kavanaugh
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5-10pm (oven), Sweets & Bar (11pm); Friday-Saturday 5-11pm, Sweets & Bar (midnight); Sunday 5-10pm; Closed Monday

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