On Tuesdays, we’re reviewing the reviewers!

Each week, I’ll take a look back at what some of the best food writers in Houston are covering. Good or bad…you’ll get my honest opinion. And just so we’re on the same page, I’ll disclose what relationship, if any, I have with each writer.

I. The Piece: Acceptable Cannibalism by Dr. Ricky
The Opinion: Please check out this freak show of a post. It may qualify as one of the strangest food associated pieces I’ve ever read. I don’t typically follow a lot of Dr. Ricky’s work. In all honesty, I’m far too stupid (and he would probably agree) to comprehend about 90% of his writing…including this one. Is he suggesting that one day I may be eating some delineation of a dude’s spooge? I hope not, but if it’s organic, put me down as a “maybe”.  A tip of the cap to Dr. Ricky for a very unique post.
The Relationship: We’ve met once. Tweeter mates.

II. The Piece: Houston Restaurants Who Do Wings Right  by Greg Morago
The Opinion: After reading the title, I was so excited to check the article out. Who would he mention? BW3’s, Wings N More, Hooter’s…nope. Try Pizzeria Alto and El Xuco Xicana! What!?! Is the chicken wing the new beef short rib? I’m sure these fine establishments do a darn good take on an American classic, but I’ll stick with my usual spots. Unfortunately, since entering my 30’s, I rarely eat wings. The side effects are just too much to bare.
The Relationship: Don’t know him. Never met him.

III. The Piece: Service and the Single Diner: Is a Party for One a recipe for poor service? by Hank
The Opinion: I like Hank. I like his blog. And I certainly like his thorough breakdown of restaurant tipping for one. It’s a great read. I love dining by myself…especially at a bar with a nice beer and burger. Even a quick breakfast at a local diner works for me. And when I fly solo, decent service gets a great tip.
The Relationship: Don’t know him. Never met him.

IV. The Piece: Pie in the Sky Pie Co. by Devour Houston
The Opinion: I’ve been to Pie in the Sky once.  And I couldn’t agree more with DH’s take on the pie.  I was very disappointed, and for many of the same reasons.  Houston needs better pie options.  That is all. Oh wait, I’ve been following this very underrated blog for quite some time.  Check it out.  I think you’ll like it.
The Relationship: I know absolutely nothing about this blogger.

V. The Piece: Connie’s Seafood Market, and a tribute to Valentina by Guns & Tacos
The Opinion: Jay captures the very essence of Connie’s. The article is so funny, especially his take on Valentina sauce.  And the line about mothers in sweatpants is a riot.  He even throws in a few helpful tips regarding beer and pork chops.  What more can you ask for in a food post?
The Relationship: Don’t know him. Never met him. I think we were at the same dinner one time…and am pissed for not saying hello.


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admin August 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

My apologies. It’s been corrected and thank you for letting me know.

SirRon August 2, 2011 at 8:52 am

“but if it’s organic, put me down as a “maybe”.”

Made my morning.

Hank Lewis August 4, 2011 at 4:51 am


Thanks for your Short Rib Post–very much appreciated. The feedback is nice too. If you’d like to provide more detailed responses on a couple of questions I have on the topic, please Email me.

You’re blog is going on my roll as well!


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