Reviewing the reviewers!

Each week, I’ll take a look back at what some of the best food writers in Houston are covering. Here was last week’s inaugural edition. Good or bad…you’ll get my honest opinion. And just so we’re on the same page, I’ll disclose what relationship, if any, I have with each writer.

I. The Piece: Where I’m eating now – 2011 version by Food in Houston
The Opinion: Much props to the dude that runs Food in Houston.  I enjoyed reading his Top 20 favorite spots.  He nailed it with Giacamo’s, Hugo’s, and Haven.  But how El Real made his list is beyond me.  I could think of 10 Tex-Mex spots that far surpass this place…without even thinking.  And can someone please tell me what the heck is so special about Reef?  Answer…the phenomenal pork chop! But it’s called Reef!  My scallops hovered in the scary neighborhood of average, AND I had to cash out half my 403B to pay for them.
The Relationship: Don’t know him. Never met him.

I see crab!

II. The Piece: Houston’s Lump Crab Syndrome by Alison Cook
The Opinion: Alison Cook is the best food writer in this city.  Read this: “I could even advance the proposition that there are ways in which Houston leads either coast, from the rich and rapidly evolving idiom of our indigenous cuisine, with its vivid sense of place, to a singularly collaborative food and beverage environment that has become a lively engine of change.”  I could only dream about putting something this eloquent on paper.  In short, it ain’t happening.  Alison covered a few issues in the piece, but what I found interesting had nothing to do with the title.  Heck, put crab meat on ice cream for all I care.  I say the more, the merrier. What I take issue with is this (in reference to Houston’s greatness as a food town): “particularly the lag time in comparison to New York, which I have seen shrink to maybe a year, if that”.  How is something like this measured?  Is there a “lag time” formula out there I don’t know about?
The Relationship: FB Friends (but just a contact). Don’t know her. Never met her. She is my Keyser Soze…not even sure she really exists.

III. The Piece: Summer Surprise in Spring –  Alicia’s Mexican Grille by H-Town Chow Down
The Opinion: Honestly, I could care less about Alicia’s Mexican Grille. Given my current address, I don’t plan on eating there anytime soon.  It’s not really the subject of the piece, but the writer.  Albert (will never admit this) is quietly one of the best Houston food writers. I actually go to his blog just to read pieces like this.  I always enjoy reading his opinion on places…and especially…burgers.  Albert, stop complimenting others, and do some more writing!
The Relationship: He is a friend/food mentor to me. We’ve dined on a few occasions. Great person.

IV. The Piece: IKEA Offers Most Important Meal of the Day on the House by Cheap Eats in Houston
The Opinion: Ok, not really a piece you can draw an opinion on.  This one, like most pieces on this informative site, reports the facts.  But I can say this much…have you ever eaten at IKEA?  That shizz is good!  I once held a family reunion in their cafeteria and fed the entire group for $12.04.  All kidding aside, get the chicken tenders…and a coffee table!
The Relationship: We follow each other on Twitter.

V. The Piece: Hughes Hangar Revisited for my 25th by Cherries Jewbilee
The Opinion: I’ve never been to Hughes Hangar.  Sounds like a place I’m suddenly too old for.  I just wanted to say Happy 25th Birthday to one of my very best foodie friends.  Stacy is an amazingly talented writer, who I’m fortunate enough to have contribute on this blog.  Her sense of humor shines through in her writing.  I’m lucky to have her and so is Houston Press. But it all started with Cherries Jewbilee…so check it out.
The Relationship: Already covered it.  We are friends.


Stacy July 19, 2011 at 6:16 am

Aw thanks man.

admin July 19, 2011 at 6:55 am

Long overdue…great blog!

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