On Saturday morning, my friends messaged me that they were heading to K Hall & Sons to eat some turkey necks, and while I was in no mood to gobble up turkey, I was craving one of their delicious cheeseburgers.

Along with 80% of the K Hall customers, my buddies waited in line outside the grocery store for turkey necks and/or the popular seafood boil. I remained inside for my order of four jumbo bacon cheeseburgers. Before you start assigning the “fat ass” label to me, just know my oldest daughter was in attendance and we were also getting burgers for my wife and other daughter.

I love ordering food at K Hall and then being able to walk around the small grocery store and check out all the offerings, but 30+ minutes for burgers, as was this case this time around, was a bit much. That said, greatness comes at a price, and I’d rather wait an extra few minutes for delicious cheeseburgers than eat crappy burgers that are done in 10 minutes. Just know that if you’re in a rush, calling in your order beforehand is a better option.

But the timing ended up being just right. There’s no seating at K Hall, so the guys formed a makeshift picnic area in the back of WooPigFoodie’s SUV and had just begun devouring turkey necks as we moseyed up with our burgers.  I kept my talking to a minimum and tore into the burger within a few seconds.

First things first, the fresh ground, hand formed, thick beef patty is really what makes this particular burger pretty damn memorable. Could the beef have used more seasoning? Yes, but it was super fresh and the perfect crust on the outside from a nice grill job made up for a lack of seasoning. All of the fixings were there … American cheese, pickles, tomato, onions, mustard, and mayo. I often view bacon as overkill on burgers, but I was in the mood for some and K Hall delivered. The bacon was cooked just right, neither crisp nor chewy. The beef crumbled a bit as I worked my way through the burger, but this only added to the experience. Please also note, K Hall uses a sesame seed bun. Why can’t everyone use a sesame seed bun? Make it a law or something.

Props to K Hall on an excellent cheeseburger. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $4.69?

K Hall & Sons Produce
1900 Wright Ave
501-372-1513 (call-in orders welcome)
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm; Sunday 8am-3pm

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