Cirque Du Soleil is Back in Houston with Ovo.

The wife and I attended the private preview of Cirque Du Soleil’s latest creation: Ovo. This is Cirque’s eighth visit to H-town and first since 2009.

The Show
This was my first time experiencing a Cirque show. It certainly has a reputation, and Ovo lived up to the high standards set by previous productions. Follow a large egg (ovo) on a spectacular, mesmerizing, and jaw-dropping journey–all under a giant tent in Sam Houston Race Track’s parking lot.

The Difference
I’m not a circus guy. Cirque is like a very sophisticated circus, without the freakish clowns. Instead, you get plenty of ambidextrous women in body suits doing things most females only dare to dream. I guess there are guys too. Didn’t really notice. Everyone involved works in perfect harmony as they walk on tight ropes, jump off trampolines, and twist around bent poles.

The Food
You knew I had to work food somewhere into the mix. I ate a few complimentary bites. They even offered up some mini cupcakes and nice champagne.

The Verdict
I am so glad I went and would highly recommend this show to anyone.  The entire flow of the production is seamless.  Ovo starts tomorrow at Sam Houston Race Park and runs through April 10th.