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Natalie is on the road again, this time bringing you a restaurant review from Oklahoma City.

Upper Crust is a wood fire pizza joint located in the up and coming Classen Curve. This is located in Oklahoma City, and you should know that Upper Crust here is not to be confused with the chain of “Upper Crust”s in the Boston area. When you first walk in, you are met with what looks like an upper class sports bar. At the end of the restaurant, there is a HUGE wine selection, which will tempt you if their delicious margaritas and extensive beer selection won’t do it for you. Not only is the main dining room an even mix of elegant and sporty, but they have LCD televisions IN the bathrooms. And not just sitting there, they are behind the mirror; making sure you don’t miss a beat of your basketball game.

Upper Crust has daily specials for both drinks and pizza. If you come here and decide that pizza is not your thing, they also serve wings, subs and sandwiches, as well as numerous salads. BUT, that, my friends, is not what we were there for. The restaurant has it’s website here, but you can view the menu, here, instead of downloading their PDF.

I ordered the “LK” Veggie Pizza, and it was nothing short of phenomenal. Every slice of pie I had was hearty, healthy [ok, somewhat], and delicious. As if being covered in artichoke hearts, tomato, and chunks of sweet red bell pepper doesn’t sound amazing enough, imagine this thin crust concoction to be perfectly harmonized with mozzarella, parmesan, and chunks of goat cheese. I’m telling you now, this pizza is a must try for veggie lovers. I full intended to bring pizza home with me. I can embarrassingly admit that I polished off every slice of 12″ heaven, and later that night I was wishing I had more.

My husband ordered a special of the day, called the Meatball Pizza. This tasted like a spicier, albeit MUCH tastier, version of a meatball sub. Being a steak and potatoes kind of guy, this pizza was right up his alley. It sounds simple enough; cheese, ground beef, and shaved parmesan gracing the dough; but the spices in this pizza really made it. This pizza was also supposed to make it home, but to be honest, it was too damn good.

We were tempted by both our stomachs, and the staff, to try the Cookie Pie, but we just didn’t have anywhere to put it.

I suggest giving this place a visit if you’re ever in Oklahoma City. What I don’t understand are the bad reviews littering the internet about this place. I don’t know if maybe they re-vamped their menu recently, underwent a change in management, but I can tell you from experience that we really enjoyed our visit to Upper Crust.


Molly February 15, 2011 at 3:29 pm

Wow that veggie pizza sounds super delicious!

admin February 15, 2011 at 3:37 pm

I am checking this place out for my next visit.

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