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With an address like “Waterfront Drive”, you KNOW this place is going to have rockin’ seafood. From the get go, Anthony’s is impressive – nestled on the Point Defiance waterfront, the restaurant and it’s outdoor patio overlooking Puget Sound, and you can see Mount Rainier beaming brilliantly in the distance. The restaurant shares a boardwalk with a local fishing shop filled with history and character – it is definitely worth meandering around in as you wait for your table.

Appetizers – We ordered Oysters, as well as the Calamari. While I didn’t touch the oysters, the table didn’t say one bad or good thing about them. The calamari, however was delicious. The accompanying sauce was tangy, and the perfect compliment to the fried rings of calamari. The crispy, light batter was so good, that I caught myself picking fried batter dough from the bottom of the platter. I honestly think I would have put down a 5 lb. bucket of this stuff, easily.

Entrees – The table in general had a pretty hard time trying to figure out what to choose for dinner. The baked Copper River Salmon was tender, and flavorful, served with exquisite garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. The smoked salmon fettuccini was perfect – the blend of capers and lemon accented the smoked salmon wonderfully, without taking too much away from the dish itself. Finally, The Blackened Rockfish Tacos lived beyond any kind of expectations I had. The mango salsa was delectable, paired with the salsa mayo, blended with a crunch of cabbage – the background flavors were an ideal mix for the blackened fish. With all of this snuggled into a soft, flour tortilla, this main powerhouse definitely had me overlooking the slightly stale chips it was served with.

Dessert – I’m not going to lie – from the moment I saw their “Anthony’s Burnt Cream” [crème brûlée], I knew that I wasn’t walking out of this restaurant without having it. While I was relatively full from my meal, I ordered it, and it did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. The only complaint I could possibly have about this dessert is that it wasn’t served to me out of a trough… The sugary top snapped delicately under your spoon, leaving a soft custard base that seemed to melt in your mouth. Aside from my personal dessert, the other popular one at the table was the Rhubarb Tart. A generous heap of vanilla ice cream was served with this savory tart; the locally grown rhubarbs were mixed with strawberry to create the perfect marriage of sweet and bitter, making this dessert the perfect end to our visit at Anthony’s.

We cannot wait to return to this restaurant. While Anthony’s has many locations, as they are a chain of fresh seafood restaurants. With that said, please do not mistake it for your local Long John Silver’s. Depending on where you are coming from, Anthony’s also has guest moorage spots available, so if you’re ever boating around and feel like grabbing a bite, just dock your boat on their pier and you’re good to go. You know, because we all have that luxury… I’ll get there, some day, especially if it means eating their calamari and burnt cream all day.

Note: 1 beer, two appetizers, two entrées, and two desserts will run you about $95.

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