Monthly Feature
Natalie kicks off a great week of featuring Midwest eateries on the blog.

Marion’s Piazza

The Background: This time around I decided to go to a place that holds a significant meaning to our family. Marion’s is a place we would congregate after soccer games, swim meets, or for a quick congratulatory meal. The restaurant is in a diner-like setting, with tons of room and natural lighting. You can tell that this place hasn’t been re-decorated since the since it opened in the 60’s, but it works and to be honest I don’t think I want it to change. The walls are littered with photos of famous celebrities eating at Marions, as well as newspaper clippings praising the piazza. They also have 5 huge fridge fulls of any kind of beer you can imagine, and a big room dedicated to arcade games.

The Food: I debated on ordering something out of the norm, but decided to keep my 15 year streak going with the mushroom pepperoni pizza. Ordering a small is definitely enough for one person, unless that one person is REALLY hungry and decides to finish her entire pizza and take bites of others’… The crust is the same with all the pizzas; thin, crunchy and dusted with cornmeal. Naturally, this would make a true-blue Chicago pizza fan keel over in disgust but I promise you, this stuff is GOOD. Piping hot from the oven, your pizza arrives, baked to perfection. Ooey-gooey cheese, crunchy crust, one-bite size square portions, and toppings so fresh and decadent you want to order 5 more pizzas to go.

While Marion’s also offers subs, sandwiches, pasta dishes and [gasp!!!] salads, it would be a crime to have anything but pizza. I have heard from hungry sources that their subs are just as good as the pizza; their salads huge, and the pasta dishes ‘run of the mill’. Again, hungry sources, because you can bet that I am not changing my mind anytime soon.

The Price: Between three adults and a courageous one-year-old, pizzas and sodas combined cost a cool $35. Not bad, considering we brought some home.

Fun Fact: Every year, all of the Marion’s locations go ‘retro’ and have everything on their menu slammed back to the 1965 price. A small, deliciously amazing pizza for 80 cents??! I would make myself sick. The lines are ridiculous though, so be forewarned.
multiple locations throughout Dayton area