The latest stop in my affordable lunch series brought me to Kebab House, a small, Mediterranean eatery in WLR. Here’s a little back story about Kebab House.

I went once and hated it. End of story.

It’s really that simple. The food was terrible and I vowed never to go back. But this was a few years ago, and a trusted friend recently informed me Kebab House was under new ownership and that the food was pretty good.

I’m all for second chances, especially when it’s an inexpensive lunch for this latest series of posts. Yesterday, I walked into the fast casual restaurant around 12:30 and ordered the Chicken Shawarma Panini at the counter. My bill came to $6.94 ($6.25 + tax) and the food arrived at my table in about 10 minutes. As you can see, the presentation was simple, but clean. The panini’s gyro tortilla was filled with an ample portion of shaved chicken, along with pickles, tomatoes, and creamy garlic sauce. Simply put, it was a damn tasty grilled sandwich on its own, but dipping each bite into the accompanying hot sauce brought it to another level. This hot sauce made the sandwich. A friendly gentleman, who I assumed to be the owner, informed me that he was the only place in town offering such a hot sauce. Props on the recipe, good sir.

All said, I was in-and-out of Kebab House in about 20 minutes, making it a wonderful, quick-lunch option in the WLR area. And I was also full, which is never a bad thing when it costs less than $7. I’m not ready to heap praise on Kebab House, but the food was definitely good enough to inspire a return visit, which is a hell of a lot more than I could say before.

The menu is quite expansive and you can order anything from Chicken Shish Kebab to a Lamb Shank Plate to Turkish Feta Salad to falafel to hummus to a burger. Please go check them out.

Kebab House
11321 W. Markham Street Suite 4

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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Debbie March 14, 2017 at 4:06 pm

Thanks for the update. I may give it a try now. Hope you are doing well.

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