In honor of the historic Cotham’s in Scott burning down, I wanted to put together a list of my favorite burgers from around town. Please note that these are my favorite burgers, but I am in no way saying they are the absolute best in town. They are just ones I’ve eaten and enjoyed. There are many great burgers–Excaliburger, Buffalo Grill, and Midtown Billiards–that I’ve yet to try. So, here we go … my 10 Favorite Burgers (in order) in the Little Rock area.

10. Hog Burger at Arkansas Burger Company

By no means life-changing, but it’s just a damn solid burger. The patty is neither thin nor thick, is cooked just right, and topped with crispy bacon. I’m a fan of the sesame seed bun over the now more popular brioche, so props to Ark Burger Co. for using them.




9. Hubcap Burger at Cotham’s in Scott

Sometimes size does matter, as is the case with Cotham’s one-pound patty on the legendary Hupcap Burger. This burger is a little more about hype than taste, but it does still taste good. That said, there’s nothing like watching your friend take down a Quad Cap Burger and then cry all the way back to Little Rock. That’s a cherished memory.

8. Nuremberger at The Pantry

Here’s my first step outside the “traditional” cheeseburger, as the Nuremberger is a brat patty topped with kraut and bacon. I don’t order it often, but that’s only because I love some of Pantry’s other dishes, like the lasagna or schnitzel.

7. Single Burger at Brewsters 2 Soulfood Café

Have you noticed I’ve been writing about this place more and more? This is a burger’s burger … simple, no frills, greasy goodness.

6. Hickory Smoke with Turkey at Big Orange Midtown

I prefer the turkey patty over beef at Big Orange and my favorite burger at the Little Rock powerhouse is the Hickory Smoke with bbq sauce, pickles, and fried onions. Yes, I do save a few calories on the turkey, but it all cancels out with the fried onion strings.


David’s Burgers


5. Single Burger at David’s Burger

At one time this was my absolute favorite burger in town. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I kid, a little. Although it’s dropped a few notches, due in large part to over-seasoning, it’s still a great, thin-pattied burger with all the fixings. David’s also gets points for service, which is always outstanding.

4. Thai Chicken Burger at The Southern Gourmasian

“WTF?!? A chicken burger?” Screw you, it’s my list, and, yes, a chicken burger makes my top 4. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Just trust me and go to TSG for one. How on earth do they get ground chicken to taste so good? It’s a mystery.

3. The Double at South on Main

Here’s another burger that once ruled my top spot. Unfortunately, the last one was off its game, knocking it down a few pegs. When done right, this is the best burger in Little Rock. Two crispy-edged patties rest on a sesame seed bun and are topped with smoky bacon jam and this gooey pimento cheese.


Leo’s Greek Castle


2. Leo Burger at Leo’s Greek Castle

Such a juicy burger with melted American cheese dripping down its double patties. What I adore about this cheeseburger is how traditional and truly reflective of the establishment it is. This burger pops into my mind on a weekly basis, and if I was still in my 20’s, I’d also be eating it on a weekly basis.


Ciao Baci


1. Creekstone Beef Burger at Ciao Baci

This is currently my favorite burger in town. At first appearance, this thick-pattied, pub-style cheeseburger looks a bit overwhelming to the jaw. But it’s smash-able and ends up not affecting my TMJ issues. In the end, a truly great burger is all about the beef, and this beef shines.

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WooPigFoodie May 31, 2017 at 7:02 pm

I am totally trying Leo’s Greek Castle tomorrow. I have waited too long and cannot hold back any longer. That pic is just too good. I’m getting the onion rings, too.

TheGreasyPickle May 31, 2017 at 7:12 pm

Now how about your list of best veggie burgers?

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