Mondays are for restaurant reviews!

Mr. Tim’s Country Kitchen is yet another hidden gem of a restaurant located in South Downtown San Antonio (near Hemisfair Park).  Parking is limited, but the inside of the restaurant is spacious enough.

The menu consists of comfort foods of all varieties.  I ordered the fried shrimp and fish plate, with mashed potatoes, and carrots.  Everything on my plate was delicious, especially the enormous fried fish filets.  Both the fish and shrimp were fried so well.  Although free, I’d pass on the hybrid biscuit/rolls they set on your table.  Those just did nothing for me.

But don’t pass on the platter.

I liked Mr. Tim’s Country Kitchen.  It had a nice, casual vibe and the food was very affordable.  We ordered lunch, but looking around at other tables, seems like Mr. Tim does a mean breakfast. Maybe next time.