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What is it?
Funky Money isn’t your typical boring dried fruit. Instead, think light and crunchy freeze dried fruit with an extra added kick of flavor. In the chip world I could compare this to Ruffles flavored potato chips.

Why it’s so great?
Primarily I think Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit snacks are so great because both kids and adults would like them. Funky Monkey snacks are offered in seven varieties. My favorite is the organic banana with cinnamon, called Bananamon. A one ounce bag of Bananamon is equal to three servings of fruit.

Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit snacks have no sugar or coloring added, are GMO free and most importantly delicious with all the nutrition of a regular fruit!

What’s the price?
A one ounce bag is $2.49.
(A little on the expensive side in my opinion but an easy way to get fruit in you or your child’s diet.)

Where can I buy some?
I picked mine up at Snap Kitchen but next time will purchase from amazon.com instead. Drugstore.com also sells them online. I haven’t checked inside these stores, but on the Funky Monkey website it says Target and Whole Foods stores also carry their products.