We are always on the prowl for great products!

What is it?
Like the name indicates, Fredericksburg Farms is a farm near Fredericksburg, Texas. As well as having a farm and a nursery, they make and sell various salsas, queso, jellies, preserves and much more. This is where my food find comes in – Guadalupe Valley Garlic and Cilantro Salsa.

Why it’s so great?
If you are anything like my husband, and really like garlic and cilantro, then this is the salsa for you. The salsa has an overall pleasant roasted flavor but with a little more garlic than cilantro. It also has a bite – which surprised me at first but don’t worry, I still enjoyed it. The jar says you can also use it on roasted chicken or grilled veggies. This salsa was soon just an empty jar and did not even make it even a whole day in my household.

What’s the price?
A 12 oz jar is $5.95.

Where can I buy some?
I got my jar at Whole Foods. I checked Kroger and they didn’t have it. I suspect Central Market carries this and quite possibly HEB. For those not in Texas, you can order the salsa from their website at www.fbgfarms.com.