I cook it. You read it. And who knows…maybe you’ll give it a try!

Thanksgiving dinner is my Super Bowl. The challenge of cooking several holiday dishes all at once is something I relish each year. It’s a game to me—going to the grocery store, scurrying through the aisles with others, finding those weird items like canned cherries (in water), and bringing it all together for one fantastic meal.

I have my go-to dishes…like my traditional mashed potatoes or my sausage and cornbread dressing, but each year I try my very best to mix in a few new recipes. At times, I believe the Thanksgiving table can get a bit stale and it’s essential to try out a few highly recommended dishes from people you know and trust.

And that’s how I got this roasted sweet potatoes with brown butter and sage recipe from Michael over at Arkansas Foodies. His blog is filled his personally developed recipes. I can already attest to the greatness of his rustic peach cobbler, which I made it for my wife a few months back.

Back to the sweet potatoes. I’m a sucker for any recipe that includes sage brown butter. The rich nuttiness that comes from allowing the butter to heat up a few extra minutes with one of my favorite herbs is sure to make any accompanying ingredient taste better. This certainly held true for the sweet potato.

The recipe was very easy and only took about 40 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Also, if you have limited oven space for your Thanksgiving preparations, just throw the potatoes in an aluminum bin with some oil and cook on your outdoor gas grill. People often forget about the grill during the fall/winter holidays, but it’s a good way to free up some kitchen space and to take unwanted heat out of the house.

Later this week, we’ll take a look at a wonderful drink that I added to the pre-Thanksgiving cocktail menu, designed by one of my friends up in Boston.