Pictured above: Heaven

Every Tuesday, you’ll get a Mighty Good Recipe!

This one isn’t so much a recipe as it is a public service announcement.  In short, make these!  They will improve your quality of life.  They are easy, delicious, and quite possibly the most underrated dessert of all-time.  Remember Chipwiches? I’m pretty sure they still have them around, but why pay all that money, when you can make the same thing at home?  Here’s how:

1. Set out some vanilla ice cream for about ten minutes (allow to soften).
2. Take some mini chocolate chips and put on a plate.
3. Make some ready-to-bake cookies in the oven. Let cool.
4. With a spoon, spread some ice cream between two cookies, then roll the sides in chocolate chips.
5. Wrap in plastic wrap and place back in the freezer for several hours.

Take the cookies out, eat, and thank little 8lbs. 6oz. baby Jesus that you read this blog.