A Mighty Good Recipe is always tried and true!

During my year in Boston, I often found myself visiting the well-known Flour Bakery + Café in the city’s South End. The bakery was nowhere near my Brookline apartment, but this rarely stopped me from making the 20+ minute trek across town for a berry muffin cake.

Truth be told, I loved that drive almost as much as the sweet breakfast awaiting me at the end of the journey. Getting stuck in traffic never felt so good, as along the way I was able to appreciate the sights, smells, and sounds of Boston.

The bakery itself was a memorable experience—always bustling with people looking to get their quick fix of baked goods before the morning commute.

Recently, I was flipping through The Boston Chef’s Table Book given to me by Kevin and Dianna over at Aperture | Appetite. I found this Cornmeal Lime Cookies* recipe submitted by Flour Bakery’s Chef/Owner Joanne Chang and decided to give it a try.

This subtle variation on a classic butter cookie recipe was a winner—highlighted by the lime juice and zest. These cookies aren’t overly sweet and the slight grittiness from the cornmeal adds a different texture than you might expect.

I found the recipe to be quite easy, even one you could make well ahead of time and store in the fridge overnight. The glaze and zest make for a somewhat elegant presentation. And not to sound all girly, but I could see these cookies being a hit at a bridal or baby shower.

*Recipe from the cookbook via ErinCooks.com