It’s Tuesday…time for a Mighty Good Recipe!

If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you know I try my very best not to mix the writing I do here with my work for Eating Our Words. But I just couldn’t resist for this installation of Mighty Good Recipe.  Just click the link below.  It will take you to the piece on Cranberry Granitas.  This is a wonderful recipe, but at the bottom of the article you’ll see links to a complete Thanksgiving meal I did for the series Cooking Through Alton.  Some recipes are better than others, but know that I cooked each one, and they all turned out well.  The Chipotle Sweet Potatoes got rave reviews in this household, but if you can only make one…go with the Cranberry Granita.  It looks beautiful and tastes great…and it’s not heavy.  Hope you enjoy!

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Jacqueline November 23, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Thanks for sharing Kevin! I will use this tomorrow when I begin cooking! I am about to print the HP article to read (have trouble reading from computer sometimes, lol!)
THANKS again!

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