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What is it?
I’m back with another coffee find. Sorry, I just can’t help myself when it comes to coffee. Found this one while strolling in a little place I like to call Costco. Two things struck me–price and name. It was under $20 for a pound of Kona coffee. I know my Kona prices, and that’s rare. I checked the label to make sure it was 100% Kona, not some f’d up blend. It claims to be 100%, but I didn’t see the official seal (look for it). Now to the name. This might be my favorite name of any product I have ever seen–Mountain Thunder! I know you’re not suppose to give yourself nicknames, but d@mn if I don’t like Mountain Thunder.
Can’t you just feel the power through your monitor?

Why it’s so great?
To be honest, this product wasn’t great, but it was good. And given that it’s from Kona and reasonably priced, I consider it a Food Find. Most Kona coffees run in the late $20’s a pound and can run up to $50 for reserves. I knew this would be on the lower end of the Kona coffee chain when I broke the seal. It just didn’t have that strong, unique Kona scent. But still pretty good. Smooth and low acidity.

What’s the price?
Like I said, under $20 at Costco….think it’s $28 on the web site.

Where can I buy some?
Well, again…at Costco (Whole Bean French Roast). But they also have a pretty good web site to order from (http://www.mountainthunder.com/).

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kona coffee November 9, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Great find.

Actually, there isn't an official seal that is required on packages of Kona coffee. Regardless of whether it is a blend or Pure Kona, any seals that you see are almost always marketing tools/gimmicks of that particular coffee roaster.

You are right to look for a percentage. If the percentage is not printed on the bag, you have no guarantee of how much (or how little) Kona you are getting.

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