By Jim Rassinier

A few months ago I tried out the “new & improved” Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Burger King. While not up to Chick-fil-a or even Wendy’s, I thought it was very much an improvement on that crappy, oblong one that BK served for years. So when I saw that they were now offering a new Buffalo version, I knew I had to try it out.

Now, Burger King has tried their hand at Buffalo chicken before, but primarily as a dipping sauce for their Nuggets and Chicken Fries. For any who have tried that sauce, you know it was really putrid.

This time around, Burger King went to a third party vendor. Although, instead of going with the more popular Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce, they decided to go with Ken’s Buffalo Wing Sauce. I heard an Eddie Murphy chuckle when I saw that. Seriously, BK?

Anyway, the sandwich is very simple … a crispy chicken patty on a potato bun served with mozzerella and “Ken’s” buffalo sauce. And you know what? The first two or three bites I was digging this sandwich. It had a decent amount of vinegar spice and it all blended well; at least initially.

This sandwich personifies the “law of diminishing returns.” The first few bites were quite good and I was really glad I tried it out. But after a few bites, the tartness and the flavor began to become overwhelming. The more bites I had, the less I enjoyed it.

But maybe that was just me; perhaps over a few decades I’m over the Buffalo sauce craze. I say give it a try. At least the first few bites will be worthwhile.

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