It’s the end of the month…and guess what’s due…another He Said, She Said for Carrie and me. Here’s how it works:

  • We went to the same Houston-area restaurant at different times.
  • It’s our first time eating at the restaurant.
  • We read no previous reviews.
  • We write our reviews separately.
  • Once written, the reviews are not changed.

BB’s Cajun Cafe
2710 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006

He Said Atmosphere: (3.5) Stars
BB’s Cajun Cafe is small…smaller than I was anticipating. It’s a 10-table café located in the heart of the Montrose District. This place definitely had that artsy, Montrose, UST vibe going on. A steady flow of 20-somethings kept the place hopping, even on a Sunday afternoon. Some quirky elements added to the décor, but I actually wanted more . I loved the sign that read “Shut up and eat”. The Salvador Dali-isc clock was cool and so were some of the pieces of art. But other than that, not much to the place. Very open and laid back concept. The fountain drinks and coolers were in plain sight, as were unopened boxes of beer…which I didn’t find too cool.

She Said Atmosphere: (2.5) Stars
To me, the atmosphere is not BB’s strong suit. Although the unpretentious feel certainly made BB’s a laid back locale, I would have appreciated a bit more consistency in the style. Touches of Louisiana were placed throughout the small restaurant. This décor should have been capitalized upon. Instead, a large TV filled one wall and another was covered with cases of sodas and drink machines…not exactly stunning ambiance.

He Said Menu Selection: (5) Stars
I was extremely impressed with the menu selection…sandwiches, appetizers, rice dishes, breakfast…it was plentiful.

She Said Menu Selection: (4) Stars
Lots of Cajun favorites with a Texas twist. Po-boys ranged from the traditional shrimp, oyster or catfish to those with a Tex-Mex twist (the Product of Puebla has fajitas steak, queso, peppers, onions, avocado and lettuce) to southern favorites like chicken fried chicken. Entrees are divided into New Orleans Favorites (gumbos, steak and grits, etouffee), Breakfast, and Tex-Orleans Entrees (enchiladas, catfish, chicken). Most entrees were offered in more than one size. A variety of salads are also available.

He Said Taste: (4.5) Stars
I loved the food. I think Sara liked the food. I ordered the ½ portion of Morgan City Catfish ($7). It was a substantial portion for the price. The dish consisted of pecan-crusted catfish, in a creamy, peppery etouffee sauce with white rice. The catfish was thin and crispy and the sauce was very hearty, but perfectly spiced. Even the half portion put a hurtin’ on me, but I loved it. The full size would have shut down an artery. Sara ordered a pretty standard catfish po-boy with fries. I tried a bite and was very impressed. All the things you look for in a good po-boy…crispy fish, good sauce and the freshest of bread. The fries were a rarity..traditional shoestrings. The thing that impressed me most about BB’s was the attention to detail in how things were sliced. Some people make fun of me for this, but I think it really makes a huge difference. The thin catfish, fries and even the shredded lettuce were prepped to perfection. For dessert, we had the bread pudding ($6). In a word…divine. Some of you may remember I ordered bread pudding at our last He Said, She Said restaurant. This bread pudding crapped all over that one. There…I said it.

She Said Taste: (4) Stars
We started with the Loaded Pollo Bullets; chicken stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeños wrapped in bacon and served with a Cajun cream sauce. Similar to the more conventional jalapeño poppers, this dish confirms my theory that bacon makes everything better! A few pieces were definitely burned, but in general, great flavor and a solid appetizer. I had a shrimp po-boy and fries. Although I ordered the half portion, the sandwich was sizable. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, well seasoned, and served on wonderfully crusty bread with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. My only criticism was that it could have used more mayo or dressing…it was a bit dry due to the hearty roll and breaded shrimp. Warren ordered the half portion of the Morgan City Catfish, a pecan crusted catfish fillet served on a bed of white rice with etouffee sauce. I think that I have determined that the muddy taste of catfish is not quite my thing, but it was well cooked and the etouffee sauce was delicious.

He Said Service: (2.5) Stars
Here’s where BB’s takes a turn for the worse. This café was a three-man operation…young dude (who looked like the owner), bus boy, and cook. I liked the guy running the show…nice personality and welcoming. But a few things went wrong during the eating experience. First, remember how I said the place was tiny? Well, we found the last table for four, but two Igloo-type coolers were jammed up next to the table. What the heck they were doing out in the restaurant is beyond me. But at the very minimum, they should have been moved immediately. They weren’t. One was so big, a midget could have taken a nap in it. Next, Sara and I both ordered a Diet Coke…out of it! That’s a no-no. We ended up getting water (which was never refilled). Finally, he brought us the check without asking if we wanted anything else. Guess what? I did…the bread pudding.

She Said Service: (4) Stars
Our waiter passed my first two tests before we had even finished our appetizer…he made recommendations when asked and the refilled my empty glass without being asked. It’s the little things that make me happy!

He Said Pricing: (5) Stars
The pricing was great…included some prices up top. BB’s had big portions at reasonable prices.

She Said Pricing: (4.5) Stars
Can’t really beat the price. The most expensive item was our appetizer. A lot of food even when we ordered the half portions.

He Said Overall Opinion: (4) Stars
The negative aspects of BB’s are all very minor and correctable. Bottom line…the food was excellent. I will definitely go back. Sara grabbed a take-out menu for grabbing some food after work. The bread pudding was some of the best I’ve ever had…rich, moist, and just the perfect texture. This is heavy eating… so be prepared if you go.

She Said Overall Opinion: (4) Stars
Solid food, good service, and lots of yummy menu options make up for the lack of ambiance in this local joint. Not exactly a date night venue, but we would certainly head back.

Tips: Parking is somewhat limited. Not many tables, so I’m guessing there’s a wait during peak times. Very casual.


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