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Vodka Gummy Bears

I am so appreciative when readers send suggestions on things to try out. My cousin Casey forwarded this drink recipe a few weeks back. I was very intrigued. Vodka gummy bears seemed like a good idea. I think ten years ago (maybe more) vodka gummy bears would have been a good idea. I’m 33…vodka gummy bears are not a good idea. In fact, I’m absolutely, positively sure that the one vodka gummy bear I put in my mouth this evening will be the last vodka gummy bear I ever consume. A few adjectives that describe the experience: vile, disgusting, hideous, and liver-numbing. Imagine taking a shot of straight vodka, shaped like a mini-bear. Yeah…don’t be fooled by the super cute picture above. Vodka gummy bears will knock you on your arss.


Thundercat Mama September 25, 2010 at 7:53 am

Awww man! I was hoping they'd be awesome. They do look cute though. You have the Mexico theme kikin' with the red, white and green. Maybe you should try Tequila Gummy Bears next time.

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