Why it took almost two years to go back to Mama’s Gyros Grill in Sherwood is beyond me. If you read my first review, then it was quite evident I enjoyed the place. And while my previous visit was filled with healthier options like the chicken gyros and salmon salad, this time, I was hell-bent on ordering the traditional gyros and cheeseburger.

With the help of my table mate, that’s exactly what happened.

Mama’s is a fast casual spot, filled with neighborhood regulars and military personnel looking for a hearty lunch. I mention this because when you walk through the door, be prepared to order or move over to the side. Newbies need to know that 95% of the patrons know exactly what they want before even entering.

Anyways, we ordered the gyro and cheeseburger Specials and found a table. Our food was ready within minutes, thanks in large part to the steady hand of owner Randy Akel, who was also manning the grill behind the counter.

Each entree came with a side of fries and a drink. The fries, while previously frozen, were perfectly fried and topped with a heavy hand of specialty house seasoning.  The fries proved to be mildly addicting and were met with more favorable results than the burger, which, overall, fell into the average range of deliciousness. Was it a bad burger? Absolutely not. But the patty was fairly small and somewhat overcooked, in large part to its thinness. The grilled bun was a nice touch and all of the toppings hit the spot, but this burger left me wanting just a bit more.

This is all just a mild build up to the Mama’s gyros.

Oh, the gyros.

How does a super soft pita jam packed with a flavorful, shaved beef/lamb combo, sound? The glistening meat, with its perfect fat content and crispy edges from a nice grill job, was covered in a creamy tzazki sauce and a mixture of tomatoes and onions. The gyros was massive and probably best split between two meals. My only slight criticism was the heavy hand of tzazki, but that’s an easy fix. Next time, I’ll ask for it on the side so I can dip my fries in it as well.

Make no mistake, this was without question the best gyros I’ve eaten in the area and one that is certainly worth the drive up to Sherwood.

And if you live in the neighborhood, lucky you.

Mama’s Gyros Grill
3309 E. Kiehl Ave
501-833-0306 (call-in orders welcome)
Hours: Monday-Friday 11-7; Saturday 11-3; Closed Sunday

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