By Jarred Kibbey

I have been going to Rocky’s Corner in Hot Springs my entire life. One of my earliest food memories was my parents calling in an order from our house (using the coupon found in the phone book, of course), then making the trek to Hot Springs, picking up the two pies, and bringing them back home. They cut their pizzas into squares and as a little kid, I loved the small, manageable pieces. Also, we would get two pizzas, eat one while it was hot, and save the next one for in the morning. That’s because pizza from Rocky’s Corner is one of the best leftover cold pizzas that I have found

Rocky’s Corner has been located right across from Oaklawn on Central Avenue since 1982. They have two distinct dining areas, more traditional dining area in the front of the house with white and red checkered table cloths and a bar area in the back with multiple televisions suspended over their big bar. The vibe is quintessential Hot Springs with a relaxed atmosphere and a mix of people just in from the lake, tourists, and people stopping in for a quick bite or drink after work.

Rocky’s is the perfect place to go after the races because it is right across from the track, but the food is also good enough to justify the trip anytime you are in town. I recommend starting off with their “small” house salad with “Nancy’s Famous Home Made Italian Salad Dressing” and add cheese. Then split a pizza among the table. Most recently, I had the Undisputed Rocky’s Corner Champ* which is their take on a supreme pizza. One thing that I have always loved is the slices of fresh tomatoes on top of the pizza. It adds a great element of fresh acidity that is not found on most pizzas.

Next time you are in Hot Springs and looking for a low-key, centrally located mainstay, give Rocky’s Corner a try.

*Without olives, because olives are gross.

Rocky’s Corner
2600 Central Ave (Hot Springs)
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-12am
Phone: (501) 624-0199

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