New Weekly Feature
This will be a new weekly feature. I know it’s Saturday, but Food Find will be our new Sunday post. Sorry Tip Jar…you’re getting the boot. Thought I’d kick off the new feature with a great product I found last week in Chicago. Look for another Food Find tomorrow!

River Valley Kitchens

How did I find this food?
Sara and I found a farmer’s market in the middle of bustling Chicago. See that picture on the left? That’s what drew me in. I’ve got a bit of a mushroom addiction. I could eat them on just about everything…and think that I have. The friendly gentleman behind the counter told me about their mushroom farm back in Wisconsin. Sounds like a place I wouldn’t mind working…they could pay me in portabellas…seriously.

What is the product?
Portabella Chili: I actually sampled this one in Chicago. And it’s what hooked me on their products. This is absolutely a great, healthy alternative to a typical fatty version of chili.

Portabella Salsa with Cilantro & Key Lime:
Ahh…my two favorite things in life: mushrooms and cilantro. This is a little thicker than what most Texans would consider for salsa, but it certainly doesn’t take anything away from the product. It contains jalapenos, but I didn’t find it to be spicy.

Shroomschetta Mushroom Bruschetta:
The best for last. I may never make bruschetta again when I can just grab a bottle of this stuff. It’s loaded with white and crimini mushrooms, but the tomato-base gives it that marvelous bruschetta taste . I put some on a turkey sandwich the other day. My god it was good!

Why it’s so great?
Did I mention the mushrooms? According to their web site, mushrooms have some health value (vitamins B and D). This product is great for vegetarians or anyone who loves condiments (and more). The products are organic, low in fat, and in some cases fat free. And most importantly…they taste great. My biggest complement for this product is it’s versatility. You could put any of these products on chips, sandwiches, potatoes, other vegetables…you name it.

Where can I buy some?
Online if you don’t feel like driving up to the mushroom farm in Wisconsin. Don’t tempt me…I might! I sampled three of their products, but they offer many more.

What’s the price?
Around $5.50 for a 10 oz. bottle.