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The fine people representing Smoothie King sent me a gift certificate to try out their new Lean1 Smoothie.  The new product is designed to help individuals lose weight, curb hunger and tone muscle…all for under 300 calories!

The Lean1 comes in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors.  Here are some other details via Smoothie King:

-Formulated with Lean1 Weight Loss Protein Powder
-Delivers 20-30 grams of premium protein that boosts energy at all times of the day
-Helps burn body fat up to 68% faster, tone and define lean muscle, speed recovery from workouts and achieve and maintain a healthy, fit body
-Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, 14 organic fruits and vegetable extracts, 3 grams of fiber
-Specialized herbal extracts that effectively suppress appetite and heart healthy phytosterols in every serving
-100% lactose free

Is the drink healthy for you?  Sounds like it.  But I’m here to write about the taste.  And I have to say, this smoothie tastes pretty darn good, especially the vanilla and strawberry flavors.  I’d probably shy away from the chocolate.  It tasted like more of a “health” drink.

So let’s focus on the best one…the vanilla.  It contained a good dose of bananas and almonds. The bananas gave the drink a smooth texture and creaminess that kept me sucking down more and more.  The pulverized almond specs were the hit of the smoothie…providing that little bite the drink needed.

Bottom line…I’d order the Lean1 Smoothie (vanilla) again.  And…the best part, it really did act as a meal substitute.  I definitely was not hungry for several hours.  The 20 oz size is $4.99.  Good luck if you can suck down one larger than that. They also come in 32 oz ($6.99) and 40 oz ($8.99).

The Lean1 Smoothie launches across all Smoothie Kings by July 26th.  On July 27th, guests can try the Lean1 for $1, with a coupon redeemable at www.smoothieking.com/leanonus.

Smoothie King is also partnering with ExerciseTV.  ETV will deliver free lunch time fitness content (combination of 50 fitness tips and workout online videos) to Facebook fans.


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