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I stumbled upon this Loomis Farms Southern Style Cornbread a few Saturdays ago at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market. The box ran me about $5-6, which is not cheap, still an adequate price for a local artisan product.

I prepared the mix the following day for dinner and am happy to report it was met with rave reviews from the members of my household. The directions on the back of the box were easy to follow and required that I add only a few other wet ingredients to the mix.

The end product was a subtly sweet, traditional cornbread that was both beautiful and tasty. Sure, it was five times the cost of a box of Jiffy, but it also tasted about five times better. And I like Jiffy…a lot.

I know how seriously cornbread is taken in this part of the country. Heck, we have our very own festival for it right here in Little Rock. Loomis Farms can hold its own with any cornbread out there. This is a perfect gift to get a friend or family member who resides in another area of the country and would appreciate a taste of The South.

I’m sure this cornbread mix is sold around the Little Rock area—even seen it on the shelf at The Green Corner Store.

Note: Loomis Farms does seem to have a website, but it is currently not functioning.


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“Food Find: Loomis Farms Southern Style Cornbread

EY February 15, 2013 at 9:08 am

If you haven’t, you really need to try the flours, meals and mixes from War Eagle. I know that Whole Foods carries them, but a trip up that way is a cool way to spend a nice day too.

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