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The Arkansas Local Food Network is set to host the first Little Rock Local Food Tour in the South Main neighborhood on Sunday, October 14th (12:30-5 p.m.). Tickets are $25 per person ($10 for children 12 and under).

The fun will begin at The Bernice Garden Farmer’s Market and wind around the neighborhood with samples and demos along the way. Participants will have a chance to tour beautiful gardens, listen to music, and experience the fun of scavenger hunting.

“Little Rock is quickly becoming a city of festivals, and this food tour is hopefully going to be a staple festival for us. I think the combination of food, the outdoors, and community is unstoppable, and I am excited to see how it works here and how our own character will shape the idea,” said Sam Hedges (Director of Operations for Arkansas Local Food Network). He continued, “A few weeks ago, I went on a practice bike ride with Liz Sanders and Sally Mengel along the route we’ve planned for the tour, and I was blown away by the experience. The historic streets of SoMa. The gardens that suddenly pop up everywhere. The cool air and smells of Fall plants. It’s a tangible and very real way to step out your door, experience what local food really is, and see all the things that are happening in our community.”

Participants are also encouraged to bring bikes, a nice pair of walking shoes, or “some other form of human-power transport.” and a cold beverage. Hay rides will be available for the longer treks.

The tour end with an optional celebratory dinner, catered by the Boulevard Bread Co. with local food stories and music provided by the Tales of the South, in the Bernice Garden from 5-7 p.m. Tickets for this event are sold separately ($45 per person, or sold as a package with the tour, $65 per person). Tickets for both the tour and dinner will be sold at: The Green Corner Store, The Root Café, ALFN Food Club, Boulevard Bread Market & Bakery on Main, and Bobby’s Bike Hike Bike Rentals.

The tour will help raise funds for the 1st edition of the Arkansas Local Food Network FRESH Local Food Directory, a list and map of Central Arkansas’ community gardens, farms, restaurants, and businesses.

Email arlocalfoodnetwork@gmail.com with if you have any questions, interest in volunteering for a free ticket to the dinner, or want to participate as a SoMa business.

*Content and images provided by the Arkansas Local Food Network


Debbie October 4, 2012 at 5:48 am

Dear Mighty Rib (the rebellious one),
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Thank you Debbie! I will do the same with your blog.

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