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Recently, representatives of Goode Company asked me to sample one of their Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie.  A few weeks later, one arrived on my doorstep.

My first impression, “Damn, this sucker is heavy!” That’s because it came in a beautiful, Texas-themed wood box. Very nice touch, but would the taste match the down home presentation?

Yes! This 9-inch classic Southern dessert had a rich filling, topped with beautiful pecans. The crust is adequate, although will stick somewhat to the pan upon serving. This is but a minor imperfection, as the crust fragments can easily be scooped up and used as a pie topping.

Make no mistake, the stars of this show are the pecans. It’s almost as if Goode Company took the top 1% in all of the land. See that picture on their site? Yup, they actually look that good in real life.

I can safely say their no frills, traditional pecan pie is the best I’ve ever eaten. At room temperature, it should be good for three weeks. If you have more than two people in your household, the pie will only last three days.

Is this pie worth the whopping $35 price tag? Well, given the wonderful gift packaging and overall taste, I’d have to say the answer is surprisingly “yes”.


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