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Ale Trail…now those are two nice words to put side-by-side.

The Fayetteville Visitors Bureau recently announced the launch of the Fayetteville Ale Trail, a self-guided craft beer tour that’s the first of its kind in our great state.

The seven participating breweries include: Apple Blossom Brewing Co., Fossil Cove Brewing Co., Hog Haus Brewing Co., Saddlebock Brewery, Tanglewood Branch Beer Co., Core Brewing
and Distilling Co., and West Mountain Brewing Co.

“We’re so excited to launch the state’s first ale trail. These types of tours are very popular in other states and we want to show off our own unique craft-beer scene all while creating a fun experience for our locals and visitors,” said Fayetteville A&P executive director Marilyn Heifner. “Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas already have an energetic and vibrate nightlife and dining scene – a tour featuring local breweries will further complement and encourage that atmosphere.”

And here’s the best part…it’s free!

Those interested are encouraged to pick up a Fayetteville Ale Trail passport at the Visitors Center on the downtown square, located at 21 S. Block Avenue or at any of the participating breweries. Completed passports can be mailed or brought to the Visitors Bureau for a free ‘I Completed the Fayetteville Ale Trail’ decal. Additionally, a Silipint commemorative glass will be available for purchase at the Visitors Center and select breweries for $10.

For more information, please visit www.fayettevillealetrail.com.

From a personal perspective, I’ve been fortunate enough to check out two breweries in my life, and each experience was fun in its own unique way. And in case you’re wondering, the places were the Sam Adam’s brewery in Boston and Magic Hat in Burlington, Vermont.

Guess it’s time to add to that list.

What breweries have you been to? Any of this list? How was your experience?

Photo provided by Fayetteville Visitors Bureau.


Ken August 22, 2013 at 10:35 am

Been to Hog Haus both in its current state and when it was known as Ozark Brewing. All the others have sprung up since I left F’ville. But not sure these pub places really count unless you’re touring their full facility.

As for real manufacturing tours…Schlafly, Anheiser-Busch are about it for me.

WooPigBrewey August 22, 2013 at 11:06 am

A buddy and I went up a few weeks ago and went to 5 of the breweries in 1 day. Didn’t tour them all, but talked to a few brewers and did some samples and such. Started at Tanglewood Branch (great lunch too), then went to Apple Blossum, then got a nice tour at Core and spent some time in the tasting room, then back to West Mountain before finally getting to Fossil Cove just before closing. Long day, and yes we got a cab and had a sober buddy drive us at one point.

Tanglewood Branch – Sort of like Vinos… great food and some very solid house beers. Locals. Unpretentious.

West Mountain – Also reminded me of Vinos… lots of locals, pizza (Tiny Tim’s?), knowledgeable staff about beer, excellent house brews.

Core – The big daddy. Will be more like Boulevard before long I’ll bet. Plenty of funds there.

Apple Blossum – Reminded me of Boscos I guess… slightly higher end. Nice brewing equipment, decent brews.

Fossil Cove – Just a tap room, but well planned with a nice patio and very creative beer choices. Often do “randalls” which is an infuser to add ingredients to already made beers. Big thing right now.

Tanglewood has a randall too (he does bacon often).

I could talk more but I’m boring you.

WooPigBrewey August 22, 2013 at 11:17 am

Oh, and for the record… Ozark Beer Company is planning to be open in Rogers later in 2013.

And I don’t think they brew at Hog Haus any more? I wouldn’t swear to it, but I thought Saddlebock was making their beer for them. So it’s essentially a bar with brewing equipment. A beautiful bar too, love the wood work in that place and the equipment.

The Mighty Rib August 22, 2013 at 1:52 pm

Thank you for all of this wonderful info!

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