I first learned of Crepe Coop, the Keo-based food truck, from a reader just a few months back. And yes, while the truck spends a majority of its time in the Keo area, I was able to check it out during a recent pop-up in the Hillcrest Farmers Market on a Saturday morning.

While I enjoy crepes, the thin pancakes are rarely found in Little Rock. Most of the time, I just wait until I make my way up to Bentonville for a Crepes Paulette run.

So I was mildly excited to try out this new food truck. Heck, I was even first in line. From the looks of things, Crepe Coop generally offers 5-6 savory and sweet (each) varieties. I opted to forgo the sweets and focus my attention on three of the savories: Caramelized Bacon, Sweet Potato, and Breakfast Sausage.

Within about five minutes of ordering, all three crepes were done. And while I know crepe-making is a fast process, it was still impressive to see such a quick turnaround. Fast service aside, great food reigns supreme, and Crepe Coop also delivered in this department.

Each visually-impressive, sizable, hand-held crepe was wrapped in foil. If cheese is involved, expect to see a crispy skirt rising from the edges. The actual crepes were soft, thin, and just the texture one would expect from a traditional offering. I was particularly impressed with the Caramelized Bacon crepe, which, along with the bacon, included mozzarella, eggs, and spinach. The sweet, brown sugar-coated bacon played well with the slightly bitter spinach and melted mozzarella. I also enjoyed the Sweet Potato crepe, which proved to be a creative combination of roasted sweet potatoes, onion, black beans, micro greens, and guacamole salsa. Unfortunately, I can’t speak much about the Breakfast Sausage crepe, as my youngest daughter devoured 95% of it, leaving me with one, lone bite.

The cost for all three crepes was $21, a more than reasonable rate for something so fresh and delicious.

All told, fast, friendly service, along with tasty food at an excellent value, made Crepe Coop a big hit for my first visit.

*Make sure to follow them on line for a schedule.