For Mike, it’s all about finding that perfect balance.

There are roadblocks everywhere. I know that fact very well. Over the past week, I have done pretty good in steering clear of them; very good in fact. But this weekend presents a unique challenge, rivaling that of Thanksgiving and Christmas – the Big Game (I can’t say the proper name because I haven’t been approved by the NFL to do so).

Every year, I throw a small party and usually cook a variety of dishes. Most of them are unhealthy. But I’m trying to remedy that this year, at least a little. On the menu this year is:
Braised pork (could be either a standard pulled pork or carnitas)
Jambalaya (using chicken andouille sausage to make it a little healthier)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (I use 1% milk and reduced fat margarine)
Basil Corn (basically roasted corn rubbed with Basil Butter)
Tomato, feta and balsamic vinegar salad
Buffalo Chicken Balls (chicken, cheese, green onion, wing sauce–dredged in panko & fried)

That last item is the one I’m the most concerned about. But the key is balance. I have tried to stay away from fried food for the last few weeks in anticipation of these morsels. I will have one. But the key is to have only one. And there will be two workouts this weekend as opposed to my normal one.

I think I am starting to put it together. I have increased my water intake and reduced my portion size. Just have to keep going…
Packers – 24
Steelers – 20
Go, Pack, Go!


Molly February 4, 2011 at 10:04 am

The basil corn & tomato, feta and balsamic vinegar salad sound delicious!

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