Mike is in search of that perfect balance between fun and hard work.

My goal to get healthy is a good one. It is selfish, though. It’s selfish because I love my wife and kids and I want them to be there with me for as long as possible.

Today, I have been thinking about what really matters to me. I coach tee ball and I have a player who is going through more than a 6 year old should have to. He lost his 3 year old brother last night to a battle with a disease that nobody should ever have to go through, much less a 3 year old.

Days like this really put in perspective how lucky I am to be around, with healthy children and no big cares in the grand scheme of things.

If I ever questioned why I’m on the path I’ve chosen, those questions have been answered.

I know this is a blog about food and these entries are about my fight, but I wanted to really think about why I’m fighting today. The answer is a selfish one – I’m fighting for me and for all the good in my life.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Knight family today and to their son, Cooper, who is in a better place with no more pain.