Follow Mike’s quest to lose 100 pounds…
*Editor’s note: I’ve gotten a few emails regarding this matter: I am not Mike. Mike is Mike. I am Kevin. We are two different people. If you’re confused, check the tabs above for clarification.

It’s important to me to try and be as well rounded as I can be. I try to know a little about a lot, if that makes any sense. I love music, film, literature, cooking, traveling and sports.

Having said that, I know that being focused on one thing is difficult for me to do. I know I could never be a bodybuilder because I would get bored with training. I couldn’t be a singer because I would want to do something else after being on the road for so long (and because I can’t sing).

That’s why it’s a blessing for me to have things in my life that take my mind off of losing weight and wearing those diet blinders. I have my wife and kids, my work, endless amounts of sports to play/watch, magazines and books to read, etc.

I know it’s important for me to stay on track, but I won’t let my weight define who I am. Some of you may take that the wrong way, and I wish I could express it better (go figure, a Journalism graduate who can’t get the right words to come out). There are so many things in life that make it worth living. I love the diversions – they’re the reason I’m still riding this weight loss train.

And again, I want to thank Kevin and those of you who take the time to read this. It has helped to have an outlet. And the best news is, I’m still going…10 lbs lost in 17 days.