Deluca’s Pizza, the place that many consider to serving up the best pizza in Arkansas, is set to move to 831 Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs. The tentative opening date for the new shop is October 11.

For owner Anthony Valinoti, this move proved to be an easy decision.

“We simply needed a better facility, which included better air-conditioning and more parking to accommodate our guests. I never wanted to move even under those circumstances, but this wonderful building came up through a great, great friend David Hafer. He said he purchased it, and I jumped at the opportunity,” says Valinoti.

While the space will be a big change from the old digs, patrons can expect about the same amount of seating at the new location.

“It will actually be the same number of seats, just under 90, but it will included a 10-12 seat bar area,” says Valinoti.

As for the menu, expect more of the same great offerings with a few changes over time.

“We are going to take baby steps at first. We aren’t changing a thing at first, but we will add slowly as we see fit. We have some amazing ideas we’ve have had for the longest time that we just couldn’t incorporate into the old building. Eventually, come race meet, we will be open for lunch Thursday through Monday. The lunch menu is going to be very cool and we’ll even have a small bar menu,” says Valinoti.

Keep an eye on Deluca’s social media channels for updates.

*Photos courtesy of Deluca’s


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