Crazee’s Café is no longer a smoking establishment and hasn’t been for quite some time. Sorry, I just felt a little obligated to get that bit of information out there as soon as possible.

Are you still reading?


Crazee’s used to be smoking, but is now your typical neighborhood restaurant/bar with a laid back vibe and casual atmosphere, the type of setting that’s even family friendly. Here’s the thing though … I think most people either have never heard of Crazee’s or have tuned it out because of the perceived smoking environment. That’s a shame.

After last Saturday night’s couple’s date with Sara (of sh*tty pics fame) and her hubby, I’m now a big fan of Crazee’s. Granted, I enjoyed the restaurant on my previous visit from last year, but this recent dinner took my enthusiasm to another level. And that’s mainly because of the fried catfish. It’s the best version I’ve eaten in Little Rock. Better than Eat My Catfish, Flying Fish, The Faded Rose, Lassis Inn, Burge’s, and Brewster’s … all of which I truly enjoy.

Crazee’s consists of sizeable, cornmeal coated filets with just a perfect balance of seasoning. They hit the table piping hot and pair wonderfully with an ice cold mug of beer. Seriously, what’s better than fried catfish and cold beer? Answer: Not a darn thing. The four of us ended up polishing off 16 filets (not a typo), two baskets of hush puppies, one basket of fried okra, one basket of fried pickle spears, and a BLT. Clogged arteries be damned, we had a fun evening of fried food eating.

Hush Puppies

While I wasn’t overly impressed with the fried pickles and okra, the hush puppies and BLT  were both future must-orders. The golden, slightly sweet fried balls of joy (giggles) were another ideal pairing with beer and the BLT was highlighted by some glorious bacon. Not crispy or floppy, this fell right into my ideal zone of bacon consumption.

Service throughout the evening was fast, friendly, and fairly attentive. Heck, upon request, they even cut our BLT in fours without giving us a weird look.

Crazee’s Café truly impressed. Three days later, I still can’t get that fried catfish off my mind.


Sara’s Pro Tip
“They do catfish pieces a la carte, so if you go and want to try something else you can order an entrée (big props for BLT) with 2 or 3 pieces of catfish on the side. You can skip the chips that come with the sandwich in lieu of the fish and it’s the best choice you’ll make. Bonus points for ordering a basket of hush puppies for the table.”

Crazee’s Cafe
7626 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72227
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-1am; Closed Sunday
Phone: (501) 221-9696