To no surprise, a recent poll conducted on The Mighty Rib Facebook page showed the service at The Pantry is tops in Little Rock. Here was the question I posed to the audience:

“What are 1-2 LR-area restaurants that come to mind when we’re talking about consistent and quality service?”

In all, there were 113 total mentions, of which, The Pantry received 18% or 20 mentions. That’s a very impressive number when you take into account the hundreds of restaurants to choose from in the Little Rock area.

The Faded Rose came in second with 12 mentions, with South on Main, Maddie’s Place, and Star of India rounding out the Top 5. Those five restaurants accounted for 47% of the total mentions, which again, is a very nice showing when you take into account the number of restaurants in the Little Rock area.

Does this necessarily mean these five restaurants have the best service in town? Maybe. Maybe not. A larger, more thorough poll would have been truly indicative of what’s going on around town, but I thought this would be a quick, non-exhaustive method to recognize some of the good things going on at local establishments. Besides great service, the other characteristic each of these places have in common is consistent, quality food. Let’s face it, top-notch service can only go so far if you’re serving up subpar items.

Personally speaking, I couldn’t agree more with The Pantry as the top choice. I’ve dined at both locations many times and have never experienced anything but excellent service. As many of you know, this attention to detail starts at the top with owner Tomas Bohm, he who often makes it a point to visit each table towards the end of a meal. It makes a difference. Kudos!

What other restaurants were mentioned? Glad you asked … 44 total restaurants, including (in no particular order):

Dizzy’s, Brave New, Baja Grill, Zaffino’s, El Porton, Capeo, Ciao, Franke’s, Table 28, Cheers in the Heights, Bruno’s, Arthur’s, One Eleven, YaYa’s, Bonefish Grill, Copper Grill, Kemuri, Terry’s, Sonny William’s, The Terrace, Bossa Nova, Big Orange, Trio’s, Local Lime ,Three Fold, ZAZA, Delicious Temptations, La Hacienda, Capers, Feastro’s, Mugs Café, Lindsey’s Hospitality, The Fold, Ciao Baci, Layla’s, H.A.M., Ira’s Park Hill Grill, Loca Luna, and B-Side.

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