It’s Monday, time for another City Jewel. Special thanks to Amy for sending this one in from her trip to St. Louis. We’ve now hit City Jewels in Houston, St. Louis, Boston, and Washington, DC. And looking for more! Next week…we’ll look at a place in Denver.

Yemanja Brasil

The Vibe: Pretty cool place in what appears to be an old brownstone type house in the Benton Park district near downtown. They have a patio, and instead of curtains, hammocks hang over the windows. Excellent wait staff was very helpful. I was excited to try it, as all the Brasilian places I have been outside of Brasil are churrascarias.

The Drinks: The caipirinha is “the national drink of Brasil” so you can’t go wrong with that. If you’re lucky, the Cadillac caipirinha is the drink special – they add apples and oranges to the original, so it’s a little like sangria

The Food: Everything looked lovely. They have beef, pork, fish and vegetarian items. I had the Lombo Ipanema which was the best pork loin I have ever had. Perfectly cooked (not overdone at all, faintest bit of pink, perfect!) and the right balance of garlic and rosemary and I don’t know what else besides good. It came with a pureed collard green soup to start, which tasted so good, million times better than what you are thinking when you hear “collard green soup.” Everyone else loved theirs, so I don’t think you can go wrong. We didn’t have appetizers or deserts, but they sounded great, too.

The Price: My meal was $16 and worth every penny. Most dishes ranged from $12 to $24.

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