I met Chef Michael Reid several months ago when he was a guest on our weekly radio show. At the time, he was working in the kitchen at The Root. While on the radio, his calm demeanor and extensive culinary training really impressed. I’d soon find out his cooking skills were just as impressive. The man can flat out bring it in the kitchen.

As far as background goes, Chef Reid went to the┬áCulinary Institute of America in upstate New York and has over 10 years of professional experience in the restaurant industry. During this time, he’s worked under James Beard Nominated Chef Cassidee Dabney and trained extensively in Japan.

Chef Reid now has his own company, Cast Iron Mike’s, and with it, doing everything from traditional catering to at-home classes. While he specializes in Japanese cuisine, he’s adept at numerous cuisines.

I’ve been told he also does parties (where he’ll bring everything to your house, cook, and even clean up), showers, book club dinners, and holiday events. He recently even had a class at Eggshells on Japanese comfort food.

For more information, go to his website or the Cast Iron Mike’s Facebook page.

*photo courtesy of Cast Iron Mike’s