We welcome a new feature to the blog. Hope you enjoy!

One of the best parts about food blogging (at least for me) is coming up with new ideas for regular pieces. It’s what I enjoyed most during my time with the Houston Press and certainly still rings true with TMR.

Say hello to Buzz Word…a new weekly feature, designed to increase interaction among Little Rock foodies! On Sunday evenings, I will post a “buzz word” on The Mighty Rib Facebook page. The word could be anything food related (ie… steak, cheddar cheese, Swiss chard). I will then ask for reader suggestions on one dish that includes the “buzz word” of the week. All suggestions go into a hat, one is picked, dish is eaten, review is written…all within a week’s time.

The suggested dish can be a reader’s favorite dish, something they despise, or just something they’ve never ordered. Either way, good or bad…I will give my completely honest take on the dish.

Got it? Get it? Good!

So, let’s get to our first official entry.

This week’s “buzz word” was mushrooms. We had some wonderful dish suggestions, many of which I plan to eventually eat.

The selected dish was Lee E.’s turkey burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese from Big Orange.

Admittedly, I was a bit stoked. For one thing, Lee knows his shit. The dude won MVP on our recent Eat Memphis Bro Trip just from his restaurant recommendations alone. Secondly, I’d been hearing good things about Big Orange’s turkey burger from several individuals. It’s always, “Have you tried their turkey burger? It will surprise you.”

Sure enough, it did.

I kept my burger order simple. It came with the ½-inch turkey patty, an ample portion of melted Swiss cheese, along with those grilled mushrooms–all resting on BO’s signature bun. Nothing else. Sure, I was hoping the mushrooms would shine (which they did), but I wanted to see if the 98% fat free ground turkey would be tasty, without drowning in numerous condiments and toppings.

I was hooked after just one bite–both surprised and intrigued by the overall juiciness of the burger. Lee’s suggestion of adding the mushrooms was spot-on. Their natural juices tremendously elevated the burger’s overall taste.

The tall, soft signature bun did its job as well, holding the entire burger together throughout consumption.

Big Orange’s turkey burger was an absolute hit, and for someone with high cholesterol (me), having a healthy option so close to home is welcomed.

Thanks, Lee…and thanks to everyone who wrote in this week. Check out my FB Sunday night for the next Buzz Word!


Zara June 12, 2013 at 6:52 am

This is my favorite burger in town.

    The Mighty Rib June 12, 2013 at 6:56 am

    It’s nice to eat a burger and not feel bad about it. This one will def be in my regular rotation. Big Orange has really grown on me.

nwafoodie June 12, 2013 at 7:02 am

Buzzword = great idea!

Turkey burger = dinner tonight.

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