Buzz Word…a new-ish weekly feature, designed to increase interaction among Little Rock foodies! On Sunday evenings, I will post a “buzz word” on The Mighty Rib Facebook page. The word could be anything food related (ie… steak, cheddar cheese, Swiss chard). I will then ask for reader suggestions on one dish that includes the “buzz word” of the week. All suggestions go into a hat, one is picked, dish is eaten, review is written…all within a week’s time.

Our latest “buzz word” was pork. We received numerous suggestions–from Sim’s ribs, to the Georgie from Hillcrest Artisan Meats, to the braised pork belly from Mr. Chen’s.

In the end, Mike’s Cuban sandwich from The Pantry was randomly selected.

You can add this sandwich to the growing list of amazing options in Little Rock. Without question, Pantry’s Cuban can hold its own with any sandwich around…and that includes the wonderful creations over at H.A.M., as well as Boulevard’s breakfast sandwich, the late huggy bear over at White Water Tavern, and Capital’s pimento cheese.

The beauty of this particular version of a Cuban sandwich lies within the simple, yet well executed ingredients–French bread, mustard, roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickle. The 10-inch, flat pressed sandwich was sizable, yet I found it not to be a heavy or overwhelming lunch portion. This was due to the adequate application of each ingredient.

The flavors blended so well together–from the acidic, paper thin pickles, to the salty slabs of ham, to the melted Swiss, to the oh-so-tender roasted pork, to the tangy yellow mustard. It was all there. And the best part…that crunchy French bread!

I bet most people didn’t even know The Pantry serves lunch. They do…and I highly recommend that you get over there for a sandwich!

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