Always up for suggestions!

Say hello to Buzz Word…a new-ish weekly feature, designed to increase interaction among Little Rock foodies! On Sunday evenings, I will post a “buzz word” on The Mighty Rib Facebook page. The word could be anything food related (ie… steak, cheddar cheese, Swiss chard). I will then ask for reader suggestions on one dish that includes the “buzz word” of the week. All suggestions go into a hat, one is picked, dish is eaten, review is written…all within a week’s time.

Our latest “buzz word” was avocado. We received numerous suggestions–from Boulevard’s vegan hummus sandwich, to the guacamole at Santo Coyote’s, to the deep fried avocado ice cream at Ciao Baci. The latter is one I absolutely must try in the future.

This week’s randomly selected dish was Jessica and Michael’s suggestion of fish tacos at E’s Bistro.

This was my second visit to E’s, and I gotta say, it was just as magnificent as the first. As a side note, I find this restaurant to be one of the most under-the-radar spots in the entire Little Rock area.

Back to the tacos. Each order ($11) comes with two beautifully fried pieces of catfish, resting on bed of pickled cole slaw, along with a balsamic reduction, cherry tomatoes, crumbles of feta, and sliced avocado.

All the varying flavors and textures are what make this particular fish taco better than most. I particularly enjoyed the slight sweetness of the balsamic reduction that married wonderfully with the acidic slaw. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of feta, but in small doses (like here), and accompanied with other contrasting ingredients, I rather enjoy it.

And let us not forget what got us here in the first place…those lovely slices of avocado. What’s not to like? The rich and buttery avocado was cut thinly enough so that the pieces wouldn’t interfere with the taco’s structural integrity upon folding. A nice touch on the chef’s part, and one which speaks to the overall execution of the dish.

A small bowl of delicious, soupy black beans also came with the meal.

E’s fish tacos aren’t heavy and won’t overwhelm you…representing a perfect lunchtime entree or one that can be ordered for light dinner. Just leave a little room for dessert!

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