I love shrimp, but Sara is allergic to shellfish…so I rarely cook them at home. Although it’s completely bad for you, I feel the absolute best way to prepare shrimp is by frying them. My mom taught me at a young age how to do this. The best part…it’s very basic!

Fried Shrimp
Note: Frying shrimp is all about keeping it simple, don’t overdue anything. The headliner is the shrimp…so find a place that has the freshest and highest quality in your area. It makes a big difference. In Houston, I love buying my shrimp at B&W Meat Company. They are very fresh, usually come deveined, and are $7.99 a pound (jumbo). This is very reasonable.

1. Take 1 pound of shrimp and remove shells and clean. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

2. Place shrimp on paper towel and dab with another paper towel to remove the moisture (if you don’t they will splatter when they hit the grease).

3. Salt and pepper generously.

4. Take a few cups of canola oil and pour into a deep, medium-sized pot. Get the grease going on medium-high heat.

5. Take several handfuls of Saltine crackers. Crush until they are almost a fine powder (food processor works well). Place crackers in a bowl.

6. Take four eggs and scramble in another bowl.

7. Take a pinch of the crackers and toss into oil…see how it fries. This will tell you if the oil is ready without ruining a precious shrimp.

8. Once oil is ready…dip each shrimp in the egg bath, followed by the crackers. They are now ready for the fryer.

9. Take your time…each shrimp will take 3-4 minutes, but never put more than five shrimp in at one time.

10. Once each shrimp is a golden brown color, remove and place on another set of paper towels.

11. Salt to taste.