This one sounds interesting…

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is attempting “to introduce people interested in sustainable, local and organic food to hunting.”

Got your attention?

The program, called Taste of the Outdoors, seeks applicants 18 or older, all who have little or no hunting experience. Twelve applicants will be selected to participate in the five-part series program designed to teach the basics of harvesting, processing and preparing wild game.

Tentative Schedule:
Sept. 20: Hunter education/firearms training
Oct. 11: Deer hunt
Oct. 14: Deer processing
Nov. 22 Squirrel hunt
Dec. 4 Wild game potluck

Other details:
-The AGFC will accept applications September 1-14.
-Preference will be given to applicants from central Arkansas “who enjoy outdoors and have a favorable view of hunting.”
-Program cost is only $25 (price of an Arkansas Hunting License).
-To apply, visit and click on the Taste of Outdoors banner.
-For more information, contact Ben Batten at 501.978.7317 or email at

*Photo by: Mike Wintroath, AGFC Photographer

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