Last week, I posed this question on Facebook: “If someone gave you $100 for the holidays and asked you to buy a food-related gift for yourself, what would you get?” These suggestions inspired me to create this post, combining reader response with some of my own tried and true purchased products through the years … forming a list of artisan products which are perfect to for that foodie in your life and can be shipped right to your door.

Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie in a Wooden Box
The Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie from Houston’s iconic Goode Co., pictured above, is absolute dessert heaven. The $40 was at one time a pretty steep price to pay for a pie, but nowadays, seems to be the going rate. And although I’m not a huge fan of ordering baked goods online, this pie is a definite winner. It comes in a decorate wooden box … which is a nice touch, especially if you’re getting this for someone special.

Bonnie’s Jams
There are a million artisan jams, jellies, and preserve-makers out there. Believe me, I’ve tasted about half of them, and to this day, I’ve had none better than Bonnie’s Jams, a company I came across during my time in Boston. Most products on the site come in $10, 8.75 oz. jars. I highly recommend the Black & Blue (blackberry and blueberry jam), Apricot Orange, or Raspberry Lime Rickey.

The Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake
This cake, haling from Charleston, South Carolina, was recommended by Janice on Facebook. The damn thing is $130, weighs 12 pounds, and even has it’s own freaking trademark. Anyone else intrigued? Here’s one minor setback … it will cost you between $60-$150 to ship the cake, making a it a true foodie luxury purchase. I’ll be rounding up 20 of my best friends to see who wants to go in on this bad boy.

Browne Trading Co.
This place was recommended by Ben Brainard, he of Yellow Rocket Concepts fame. Ben obviously knows his food, and I’m a whore for anything Portland, Maine related, so when he dropped this nugget on me, I quickly did a little research. Browne Trading Co. is a “Purveyor of Fresh Fish, Caviars, and Smoked Seafood.” I’m sold. Spend a few minutes rifling through the website. I did and was particularly intrigued by the smoked salmon sampler box ($95).

Russ & Daughter’s Smoked Salmon
Did someone say smoked salmon? It’s only my absolute favorite food on the entire planet, and I’ve had none better than what Russ & Daughter produces. If you’re in the vicinity of the NYC shop, then go. If not, you can order a slab of heaven online. It’s not cheap, but well worth a splurge every now and then. My favorite is the Gaspe Nova Smoked Salmon ($40 per pound). I can also vouch for R&D’s shipping process, as I’ve partaken in it before.

Kona Coffee from Greenwell Farms
Call it sentimental love from my one day 10 years ago touring many of the coffee plantations along the coast on The Big Island in Hawaii, but I adore 100% Kona coffee. It’s so distinctive, and my favorite Kona coffee is at Greenwell Farms. It will run you about $37 a pound, but this will make the coffee lover in your life very happen. As an added bonus, Greenwell is offering free shipping on orders of $100+ (U.S. orders). All of the coffee is excellent, but I particular enjoy the Full City Roast.

Dried Peaches at Frog Hollow Farm
About two months ago, I stumbled about a booth at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market in San Francisco filled with an assortment of bagged, dried fruits. I purchased some of the dried peaches and cracked them open when I returned to Little Rock. Twenty hours later, the entire bag was gone. Frog Hollow doesn’t stop at dried fruits … they’ll even ship fresh fruit right to your doorstep. I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you these dried peaches are insanely addictive.

Truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate
Did you think we’d forget chocolate? Kim recommends the truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate in Portland, Oregon, and after perusing the website, it’s hard to argue with her. Besides truffles, Moonstruck offers a variety of bars, barks, and even hot cocoas.

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