By Kat Freyaldenhoven

Who’s ready to fire up the grill this Labor Day Weekend?I know we sure are!

There are a lot of wine-lovers out there that have a hard time knowing what to bring to a BBQ. Do you just bring box wine so you don’t look too boujee when turning down the beer or spiked lemonade offered? (Obviously nothing wrong with either beverage…these are just the hard facing issues for wineo’s.)

Wine should be at every occasion in my opinion! This also seems to be the Southwestern region of France’s opinion as well! Madiran is home to our featured wine this month … Petit Torus.

  • A wine for sharing and pairing – making it your perfect Labor Day grill-mate.
  • Affordable, delicious, and an impeccable  pairing with smoked meats, BBQ, and salads.
  • Petit Torus is a fun and feisty blend from the Madiran region of France.

Tannat, Cabernet, and Cab Franc.

You might be asking yourself … Tannat? (was that a typo?) For all my big and bold red wine lovers.. Tannat is where it’s at. Tannat is known for its  powerful tannins and searing acidity. Because tannat is a power punch, this grape is usually blended with Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon to round out it’s natural astringic qualities. The best part is … Tannat is one of the healthiest red wines to drink on the planet due to the high levels of resveratrol – a heart healthy antioxidant.

The option to drink healthy wine while I’m chowing down on some BBQ..Sign me up!

So what does it taste like?

You can expect beautiful fruit notes, red berries, black pepper, fruit coulis with a little bit of smoke. A fleshy and smooth mouth feel, with thirst-quenching pleasure and ease.

Here’s to an easy drinker for an easy weekend!


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